• Journey of Life

    I sit here and think to myself, “There are so many of the youth graduating from high school right now.” I graduated on June 7, 1991; it’s been 29 years since I graduated high school! Studies show that many people fall away from church after they graduate high school and...

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  • Identity

    When I was younger, I always felt like I didn’t belong. There wasn’t any particular group of kids in school that I “clicked” with. I had a few friends, and that was pretty much it. I went into the military after high school, and I still felt like I didn’t...

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Meet Our Youth Leader

Semina Books

Semina has been a member of Covington Christian since 2012 and serves in several different volunteer capacities. Semina shares her love of Christ with our children through regular rotations in our pre-k and elementary classes. Also, with over 30 years in the corporate payroll field, Semina’s accounting background has become...

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