Victorious Life

God-Size Life – Beginnings
The first place they go to is Gilgal. It was a place of beginnings. It was the place they stood on the verge of their first battle. When Joshua would lead them into battle against Jericho where the walls came tumbling down.

Elijah tells Elisha to stay here. I think it was a test to see Elisha’s dedication. It would be a nice place to stay, a place to remember all the things God had done, the many victories.

Beginnings are where we start but not where we are supposed to stay. Elisha was not going to stay at the place of beginnings. We need to leave our beginnings for a God-Size Life

God-Size Life – Place of Prayer
Bethel meant House of God. A place of prayer. This is the place that Abraham made an altar and they worshipped God. Elijah can remember the Brook at Cherith where he was alone with God. The prayers that went up and how he got closer to God, how God met his daily needs.

Do we have a Bethel? “Where we first began to learn to sacrifice, to surrender things dear and precious to us. Learning to surrender the loss of job. The loss of a loved one. A lifelong dream that came crashing down.” (Charles Swindoll)

Through prayer God started doing a real work in our life. He carried us from that place of communion to the next stage planned for us.

Elisha was told to stay here. Elisha knew that the altar of God wasn’t a specific location; the altar was prayer itself. God-Size Life has Prayer.

God-Size Life – Place of Battle
Next they went to Jericho. We could call Jericho Israel’s D-Day their Normandy. What a battle was fought! The strategy was unheard of; walking around a wall not shooting. They didn’t use battering rams. They didn’t create new weapons to knock down the walls. They used prayer and praise and the walls came tumbling down.

I imagine Elijah in Jericho. Remembering his victory against the prophets on Baal on Mount Carmel, his numerous victories against King Ahab and Jezebel, and even his own personal battle when he went into despair after Jezebel said he would be dead the next day.

He told Elisha to stay. The problem is Jericho was history. It was about past victory. Elisha had his battle laying before him. If he stayed in Jericho, he would only hear about others’ victories while there was none he could share of his life.

We are supposed to realize that we will always be in a battle while we serve God. There have already been battles we have been part of. We have the self-battle with the flesh, rebellion, addiction, battles with our thoughts, battles with doubt. We have been to Jericho.

We share yesterday’s victories but we don’t live there.

Elisha was not going to live in the past. If he did, imagine what he would have missed out on. Imagine what we would miss out on.

God-Size Life – Being an Elisha
Elijah could not get rid of Elisha. Elisha was going to stay close and learn and help and grow. We all need an Elisha in our life. They bring us strength. They are a rare breed.

What I loved about Elisha was that he was not going to think small. He knew he served a mighty God where nothing was impossible. When Elijah asked him, “Tell me, what can I do for you before I am taken from you?”

Elisha answered, “Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit.”

“You have asked a difficult thing, yet if you see me when I am taken from you, it will be yours – otherwise not.”

Elisha wanted to make a Kingdom difference. He wanted his life to mean something for God. He was willing to pay the price.

Let me ask a couple of questions:
What do you want for this church?
What do you desire for your marriage?
What do you want at work?
Do we just want the positive results without the work?

The question is do we want a God-Sized Life or World-Sized Life.

Elisha wanted God-Size.
“Where now is the Lord, the God of Elijah?” Then he struck it again and it divided.” He was telling God I am ready to serve.

When a man or woman of God dies, nothing of God dies. We can think a mighty is servant is gone how will he ever be replaced? God always has a backup plan. Are we ready to be that back up plan?

Timeless Truths for us Today

1. Spend time in God’s Word
Read 2 Kings 2

2. A Place of Prayer
Seek God’s guidance for our life.

3. Battle
If we are called to excellence, battle to make it happen.

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