Standing In The Gap

We live in a world that is rejecting the message of Jesus Christ and we are called to stand in that gap.

Elijah is a great example of standing in the gap and making amazing changes. He is an inspiration and we can be the same inspiration.

History Of Israel
The first three kings of Israel were Saul, David and Solomon. Under their rule, Israel was one nation. After Solomon’s reign, Israel was split into two. There was the Northern Kingdom, which was Israel and the Southern Kingdom was generally referred to as Judah.

Who is Elijah?
1 Kings 17:1
Elijah is without sophistication, polish, training or courtly manners. He is on a mission from God. He stood in the gap, sounding the alarm, telling the Israelites to wake up and stand up for God.

God looks for those who are so in love with Him that they aren’t looking for approval from this world. They aren’t afraid to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ.
Ezekiel 22:30

What does Elijah teach us?
1. If time are difficult, God is searching
He is searching for one who puts God first and says, “yes, I will go.” Those who find comfort in the world will never be able to stand in the gap for God.

2. God’s ways are often surprising
We may see a need for an army, but God sends a youth. We may have an interest in becoming a leader, running a group, starting a ministry, or doing a short mission project but we feel we are not qualified. I don’t have the knowledge, I am a homemaker, I am too old, I am too young, I am nothing special.

God loves using the unusual, obscure and unlikely. Why? Because there is no doubt it is God who did it and not us.

3. When we stand in the gap, we are standing before God.
When we stand in the gap, we are totally dependent upon God. We are saying, “lord, I am putting my life completely in your hands. Your will be done.” We have surrendered self and said it is all you God.

If we don’t have that kind of mettle in our spine, if we don’t have that kind of courage in our soul, then something is wrong; something is missing.

If God can use a nobody from where imagine what He can do with you.

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