Sharing Our Faith: 200°

For the past six weeks, we have been discussing how to live life at the boiling point. When water gets to 212°, it makes steam and that steam can power boats, ships and planes off aircraft carriers.

How do we get to a boiling point? Week one, we looked at attending church. Week two was living our day in worship; there are two ways to approach our day. Week three was corporate worship, not just on Sundays, but attending life groups and getting together. Week four was about Communion. In week five, we learned about giving. Week six was about becoming a disciple.

We will never regret sharing Jesus with anyone. We regret when we were given an opportunity and we said nothing. If we are ready, God will give us another opportunity.

Want to get heated up? Share Jesus.

This Week:
Read – John 3; Romans 10
Pray – For God to put someone in your path who needs to hear about Jesus.
Act – When the person comes into your life, share Jesus with them.

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