Overcoming Hopelessness


    A Loss of Hope is a Loss of Direction

Luke 24:13 – 17
Verse 13 tells us that they were on the road to Emmaus. Emmaus was in the opposite direction of Jerusalem. Jerusalem was where all the action was and they were heading where the action wasn’t.

Verse 17 tells us they were sad. The Greek states that they were sad, gloomy or sullen. Isn’t that where hopeless situations put us? They came to a situation here the situation looked bigger than God. That is true hopelessness. When we hit hopeless situations, we want to be able to see the hope we need. If we can’t see it, if we can’t touch it, then we stop believe and drift away. When we hit these situations, we are in Emmaus.


    More Than Knowing

Luke 24:18-21
These men knew their theology. They knew the words, but that wasn’t enough; they needed to know the Savior.

Wisdom is knowledge that is applied to one’s life. Not only are these people depressed but Jesus was asking them, ‘What is your problem? What are you whining about?’

HE LET US DOWN!!!! It didn’t turn out the way they thought. They saw the problem, but not the promise.


    How To See Jesus

Luke 24:25-27
How do we see Christ when we have lost faith? Answer: Christ started to have a Bible Study. He called on God’s Word and reminded them what their faith is supposed to be based on.

The Living Word is explaining the Written Word.


    Ready To See

Luke 24:28-29
Jesus made it look like he was going to continue on, that He was going to keep walking. They had received Truth but were their eyes going to be opened to it.

“They urged him strongly” to stay. The Words of God became greater than their despair. The truth of God put their difficult situation into perspective. In other words, they had hope again. They wanted more of it.

If God’s truth does not bring us into worship, then it was all for naught.


    See Jesus We are Change

Luke 24:31-33
They finally saw Jesus. They went into fellowship with Christ and they saw Him. What did these men do? They left Emmaus and they went back to Jerusalem. They left their despair and they got back into the game. They went back to get the others. They went back to say what Christ said is true. They went back into the battle.

Emmaus is a lonely road filled with hopelessness, bitterness and despair. The road to Jerusalem is filled with a life that serves God and changes us forever. The road to Jerusalem is filled with celebration; it is filled with jejoicing and it is filled with hope. That is the road to be on.


    This Week:


    Read – Luke 24, Psalm 104
    Pray – Is there a situation we made bigger than God?
    Act – Find the answer in the Bible. Attend a Life Group. Be discipled.

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