Helping Others Win

This series is titled, “One Another”. We are called to do so many things for one another. It is difficult. Life is so busy. There are so many things we have to do in our life that it is hard to do much more.

Imagine living a life where you help others win and others are there to help you win.

Helping Others Win – Understanding
Romans 14:1-4
Helping Others Win – Understanding Motivation
Romans 14:5-8
Helping Others Win – Removing Stumbling Blocks
Romans 14:9-12
Romans 14:13

Helping people win is an amazing feeling. It makes you cheer to watch a person conquer an issue, overcome a situation or grow closer to God.

This week:
Read – All of Romans 14.
Pray – God to clarify how you can help someone win.
Act – Remove stumbling blocks from a brother’s or sister’s life.

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