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Do we expect God to do great things in our life? God made us for greatness. We know that because God doesn’t do mediocre. The bible speaks a lot on our faith.  Faith is not just the words we speak but the action we take.
Mark Sandborn in his book Fred Factor 2.0 wrote, “No one can live on a mountaintop all the time.  And it is often said that valleys help us appreciate the high points in life.  But while that maybe true, too many people seem to accept the valley as a permanent residence.”
If we want more out of life, go for more.  Raise our expectation.  Settle up, rather than down. In other words, recalibrate to great.
Every day offers unlimited opportunity.  We can start small and let it grow from there.  John Maxwell states, “if you spend one hour a day studying a subject you are passionate about, in five years you will be an expert on that subject.”  Maybe today is the first hour.
The bible tells us we need a Paul (someone who can mentor us), a Timothy (someone we can teach what we learn), a Barnabas (an encourager). Get those people in our life.
Once you start you first hour, your first step, you are on the road to do the great things that God designed for you.

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