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Commercialization of Christmas Has Opened Doors

I love Christmas and the decorations. I am a person who believes you can’t have too many decorations or too many lights. (My wife may disagree LOL). One day I realized I can capitalize on my passion for decorating at Christmas.
I enjoy doing minor woodworking, so I started making Christmas wood figures for my lawn.  Each year I add something new.  Then I started adding Christmas lights.  My lawn has a growing display.  Some may say I added to the problem of over-commercialization of Christmas.
Instead it has opened a door for me. People started to come by my house to look at my Christmas display. Neighbors would come over and talk to me.  Children loved the characters I made and asked mom and dad to stop by. I have even given some of my displays away to children. People are taking pictures.
By putting up these decorations it has created openings I did not have before. I have gotten to know my neighbors better. Complete strangers have come up to me to talk to me about my decorations they are now new friends.  In these conversations it has allowed me to share my faith.
It has also given me the opportunity to share with Christians different ways we can make a window to evangelize with people we know and people we don’t just by using things we are passionate about.
Christmas may have become more commercialized, but it has given me an occasion to reach people for Jesus. There will always be issues but can we find the opportunities in them?
Merry Christmas. I pray God will give you possibilities to share Jesus during this season.

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